S.No. Room No. Name of the Lab Major Apparatus / Equipment / Machines Report
1 B5-203,205 PPS Lab Computer
2 B5-202, 101 Soft Skill Computer
3 B5-009 Electronic Engineering Laboratory Cro, Function Generator, Dso, Bread Board, Power Supply, Multi Meter
4 B5-206, B5-207 Electrical Engineering Laboratory D.c. Shunt Motor With Panel, Three Phase Induction Motor With Panel, Single Phase Transformer, Auto Transformer, D.c. Power Suppy (0.5 A, 2 A), Function Generator, C R O, Wattmeter (upf),three Phase Chowk Coil, Digital Techometer, A.c. To D.c. Power Supply Rectifier Type.
5 B5-305, P-202 Graphics Lab Drawing Table
6 P- Basement Mechanical Engineering Workshop Laboratory Lathe Machine, Grinder Machine, Power Hacksaw Machine, Pedstal Drill Machine, Plastic Mouiding Machine, Electric Open Hearth Furnace With Blower, Fitting Bench Vice With Table, Carpentry Bench Vise With Table, Electric Arc Welding Machine, Welding Table, Anvil, Foundry Table, Cope & Drag
7 B5-106, B5-109 Engineering Chemistry Laboratory Oven, Digital Balance, Digital Photo Colorimeter, Digital Ph Meter, Melting Point Apparatus, Megnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate, Polarimeter
8 B5-306, B5-307 Engineering Physics Laboratory Newton’s Ring Microscope, Plane Transmission Grating Spectrometer, He-ne Laser, Hall Effect Set–up Complete With Electromagnet Power Supply, Energy Band Kit, Carey Foster’s Bridge With Supply And Resistance Box, Stefan’s Law Kit, B-h Curve With Cro Complete Setup, Variation Of Magnetic Field Set Up With Power Supply, V-i Characteristics Of Zener Diode Kit, Michelson-interferometer Set Up With Laser

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Workshop lab
PPS lab
Physics Lab
Graphics lab
EE lab
ECE lab
Admission 2024-25