SatLab was founded in 2018 by a group of students with a shared passion for space exploration and technology. It is a student-driven lab from various disciplines, collaborating to create impactful space projects. Its current members strength is 17 with various domains.

We specialize in the design, development, and operation of CubeSats – small, yet powerful satellites transforming space research.

Our mission is to advance satellite technology by providing hands-on experience and valuable learning opportunities for aspiring space enthusiasts.

Coordinators / Convenors

Convenor Aaryan Pal
Co-convenor Shivam Jain
Faculty I/c Dr. Ashish Kumar Rao

The Team

S. No. Status Name University Roll No Sem / Branch / Section Mobile Email
1 Member Aaryan Pal 2000680100003 7/CSE/A 9568145088 aaryan.pal.cse.2020
2 Member Shivam Jain 2000680310058 7/ECE 7895862875 shivam.jain.ece.20
3 Member Harsh Singhal 2000680400009 7/ME 8630918988
4 Member Harsh Vardhan Dixit 2000680130010 7/IT 6397890224
5 Member Praful Jain 2000680130025 7/IT 6395455253
6 Member Sarang Gupta 2000680100274 7/CSE/E 8979483624 sarang.gupta.cse.20
7 Member Navneet Kumar 2000680400014 7/ME 7409778463

Activities / Events Organized

S. No. Name of the Activity / Event Organized Level (Dept / Institute / Other) Date(s) Venue Total No. of Participants Report

Achievements, Awards and Recognitions

S. No. Date Name of the Event / Competition Organized By Name of activity Achievement Report


S. No. Date Name of the Outcome Title Author(s) / Contributor(s) Report

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