Art Fest Events

At a Glance

Basically it is object sketching.....One masterpiece that can infatuate you in a jiffy, which can force you to make portrait if it because one fleeting look is enough to fall in love with. That one moment puts a thousand silent but precious thought in your mind.

Tattoo Making

Tattoos have a power & magic to not only decorate the body, but also enhance the soul. Tattoos are a mean to express, what you cannot speak. Illustrate your childish insanity towards the tattoos and your height of coolness too.

Blind Art

The sagacity of perceiving obsession through eyes is the best gift, what human body has got. But what will happen if you lost it, you will miss to see this astonishing world with vast colours, a fear that drives a lot of sentiments towards goodwill. Illustrate your intelligence with the help of the blind individual to put his/her mind's eye on a sheet.

Face Painting

Paint yourself as you think, not as you see. Face painting is a non-western culture, which is a sign of collectivism and also represents the community, it’s unique at all. Let the creative side of you express what you have in yourself. Paint the face as if it looks like a complete image of you.

Rangoli Making

Rangoli is an art form in which patterns are created on the floor in living rooms or courtyards using materials such as colored rice, dry flour, colored sand or flower petals. The purpose of Rangoli is decoration, and it is thought to bring good luck. Design depictions may also vary as they reflect traditions, folklore and practices that are unique to each area.

Pen Craft

Make it large you fellows because its calligraphy, the art of writing, your nastiest hand writing can be the best one or a total bizarre. May be your best one can be considered normal one. Refuse your handwriting to be called normal. Show the beauty of your hand writing.

Art Attack

Basically it is a Speed Coffee Painting...Just go with the flow. Do not let your seconds go wasted through influence of anyone else, have trust, let it come on sheet, and express your vision in the realism of paper.

T-Shirt Painting

Time to express your mind bastion via your paint brush and to put that small palace in front of the world. Show your acuity. One fleeting look is enough to make everyone fall for that your creativity. It's your t‐shirt; design it in a splendid manner and make it large.


Art is not about sketching on a piece of paper or any panorama on chart, but art is anything which reflects your imagination and gives a sensational feeling to the viewer. Have you ever thought to decorate your own nails? Have you ever imagined how wonderful it may look? So folks, we are here for you to bring up a new chic of art.

Castle Making

You have to create your life; you have to carve like an artist....
What you have is not important as what you do with what you have. Live in the castle of your dreams. Castle making gives you a chance to architect the dream castle of yours.

Colour Hunt

Everyone has heard about treasure hunt and various other events but we, the graphite art land have brought forward an event called, "Colour Hunt". It is an amalgamation of several surprise events. This will rock you all. You don't need to be an artist to win this event. So bring out your craziest side.

Mehndi Art

Mehndi or "Mehendi" is a form of body art from Ancient India, in which decorative designs are created on a person's body, using a paste, created from the powdered dry leaves of the henna plant.
In the modern age and even due to limited supply of Indian Traditional Mehndi artists, usually people buy ready-made Henna cones, which are ready to use and make painting easy.