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Graphite Art Land

Graphite Art Land is an art society; we promote various types of fine & digital art in society. Arts & Artist are observing a downward slope hence there is an immediate need to fill this void which has occurred between the artist & our progressing world.

We give artists a podium & passage to showcase their talent and the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Art is something which brings imagination into existence in real life. The legacy of this art fest is dated back to 2013 and we have witnessed some exceptional responses from people.

Art exhibition, which is writing stories in our hearts on the canvas, is a special initiative by our team for the upliftment & recognition of budding and established artist. We at the “Graphite Art Land” aim to promote every artist and help those who are brilliant in the any kind of arts activities like sketching, painting, dancing, crafting etc.

Our GAL Team

Firdos mam

Firdos Karim

Faculty Coordinator

Yash Agarwal

Head Convener

Contact: 8604025508

Bhargava Prem

Head Convener

Contact: 7017526527

Durgesh Prajapati

Senior Organiser

Contact: 7839981504

Aalok Singh

Senior Organiser

Contact: 8127465659

Rajesh Kumar

Senior Organiser

Contact: 9616829852

Rajat Pandey


Contact: 7237806625

Alok Hanswal


Contact: 8445414515

Romu Tiwari

Organiser and Designer

Contact: 7906146618

Devendra Tiwari(DT)


Contact: 9648495306

Sparsh Agarwal


Contact: 8307725988

Rohit Khatri

Video Editor

Contact: 7007235479