Rangotsav 2k17 Dance



The MOB is new kind of Dance Execution, in which a group of people perform an unusal and seemingly pointless act for a brief time, and then quickly disperse, often for the purpose of Entertaniment, satire and artistic expression.

It is generally not applied to events and performance organised for the purpose of commercial advertisement and publicity stunts that involve public relation firms, or paid professionals.
There has always been a trend of organising The MOB in our College Art Fest Rangotsav. Some fantastic dancers of our college perform at the premises to publicise different dance form as a part of an Art.

A MOB is Just like -"You are sitting in the Food Court near the Canteen. You are minding your own business, eating an ice-cream cone with your friends. Suddenly music begins to play and people begin to appear out of nowhere and start to dance. What's going on?? It's a MOB.
Since two years, THE MOB has created an impeccable impression in this premises.


Beat the Boogie

Cypher Dance Battle Championship

Along with surprise MOB we have another event, which is a dance event namely " Beat the Boogie-Cypher Dance Battle". These types pf dance battles just mean that there is no fixed style in which the event is going to be.
There are many dance styles like Classical, Hip-Hop, MJ and so on.

Main Points
  • What the preliminaries do is to bring the number of contestants down to a more suitable number. This is decided by the judges.
  • All of the Battles are timed, so each dancer has a certain number of rounds with the same time limit for each round. In that time, they have to show the judges how well they can dance, by showing their skills and knowledge of preferred styles through their dance.
  • Dancers can use more "eye-catchy" moves and styles like waving, acrobatic tricks from time to time to impress the judges in effort to do better than their opponent.

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