Fee Payment

Procedure of Maintenance

Systems and Procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

For the holistic development of students and staff, various facilities like laboratories, library, computer labs, auditoriums, seminar halls and sports complex etc are available at MIET. Equal opportunity to utilize these facilities is available to all the staff members and students. Procedure for allocating various resources from different facilities is briefly described below:

  1. Laboratory: Generally various laboratories for different disciplines are available within each department. The required apparatus is issued to the student for performing the experiment which he / she return to the laboratory after performing the experiment. Besides this, these laboratories also provide facilities for extracurricular activities to the students like making models and for participating in different technical events etc. In such cases, student has to approach through his / her Head of the Department (HOD) to the HOD of such laboratory where he / she is seeking support for the facilities. Facility is granted, if recommended by the HOD of the student.
  2. Library: Each student after enrolment at MIET is issued a LIBRARY CARD which enables him /her to the get the text books and reference books issued for their studies. Subject wise text books are issued for complete semester duration. Further, three more supplementary text books and one reference book can be issued to every student for a week. Students are required to approach the library for getting the text books and reference book issued to them. Proper record is maintained through ERP and LIBSYS for issue and return of the books. Faculty members are eligible to get issued seven books per semester from library.
  3. Sports Complex and MIET Club: MIET has full-fledged sports facilities for indoor as well as outdoor games. Snooker, Table Tennis, Chess, Shooting and Carom are available as indoor games whereas Cricket, Football, Volley ball, Basket Ball are available as outdoor games. Students and staff get the sports kit issued from the sports in-charge and the same has to be returned after its use.
  4. Computer Facilities: All the departments have sufficient number of computer labs and sufficient peripherals like printers / scanners etc. Each computer terminal is provided with internet connection (205 Mbps Leased Line- Tata & Reliance, 20 Mbps BSNL Broadband). Students and staff can use these facilities as and when required. For this purpose, no pre-sanctioning is required.
  5. Seminar Halls: A number of seminar halls equipped with computer, projector and public address system are available at MIET with seating capacity of around 150-200 persons each. Students requiring the seminar halls can approach through their HOD / faculty member to get the seminar hall reserved through the department coordinator where the seminar hall is located.
  6. Auditorium: MIET has four well equipped and well maintained auditoriums. Proper allocation of these auditoriums is done through a coordinator at institute level. Students requiring these for special gathering may approach through their HOD / faculty member and get the auditorium reserved through the coordinator. Faculty members requiring the auditorium for presentation etc. may get the auditorium reserved through the auditorium coordinator.