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About Program The students will be able to gain the knowledge of
• Designing of real life 3D models
• Analysis of designed models on various platforms
Prerequisite No specific prerequisite
Eligible Branches 2nd year/ 3rd year/ 4th year
Eligible Students (Year): Same as Above
Program time Just after End Semester Examinations (Winter & Summers)
Duration 20 days /30 days
Open to outside students No
Courseware No
Evaluation if Any Yes (on the basis of final practical exam after the workshop)
Trainers External
Certificate Saopcon-Siemens
Course Coordinators Mr. Ankit Sharma (ankit.sharma@miet.ac.in)
Mr. Shivam Sharma (Shivam.sharma@miet.ac.in)


Day 10.00 am to 2.00 pm
Day1 Sketcher
Starting CATIA V5, CATIA User Interface, Specification Tree, Manipulating Objects, Sketcher Geometry , Sketching simple profiles, Sketching predefined profiles, Sketcher Constraints toolbar, Animating Constraint, Editing Sketcher, Sketch tools toolbar, Operation toolbar,
Day2 Part Design
Sketched Features, Pad, Pocket, Shaft, Groove, Hole, Rib, Slot, Stiffener, Multi-sections solid, Solid Combine, Dress up Features, Fillet, Chamfer, Draft, Shell, Thickness, Thread/Tap, Remove Faces, Transformation Features, Translate, Rotation, Mirror, Pattern, Scaling, Creating Reference Elements, Point, Line, Plane, Boolean Operations Assemble, Surface Based Features ,
Day3 Wire frame and Surface Design
Surfaces Extrude, Revolve, Sphere, Cylinder, Offset, Sweep, Fill, Multi sections surface, Blend, Operations toolbar, Join, Split, Boundary, Translate, Extrapolate, Wireframe toolbar, Point, Line, Plane, Projection, Intersection, Circle, Spline,
Day4 Assembly design
Introduction to Assembly design, Top-Down approach, Bottom-Up approach, Product structure tools, Component, Product, Part Existing component, Existing component with positioning, Replace component, Generate numbering, Fast multi instantiation, Positioning components using constraints/joints, Coincidence constraint, Contact constraint, Offset constraint, Angle constraint, Fix component, Fix together, Quick constraint, Flexible/Rigid Sub-Assembly, Change constraint, Reuse pattern, Move Toolbar, Manipulation, Snap, Explode, Stop manipulation,
Day5 Drafting workbench
Drawing toolbar, New sheet, New view, Views toolbar, Front view, Offset section view, Detail view, Clipping view, Broken view, View creation wizard, Generation toolbar, Balloon generation, Bill of materials
Day6 Generative Sheet Metal design
Sheet metal parameters, Wall, Wall on edge, Extrusion, Bend, Flange, Hooper, Fold/unfold, Cutout, Hole, Stamping, Pattern, Corner relief, Corner , Point/curve mapping, Bend from flat
Day7 Generative Structural Analysis, DMU (Mechanism), Manufacturing (CNC) Generative Shape design
Day8 Introduction to FEA and ANSYS
DesignModeler Geometry, Length Units, DesignModeler Geometric Entities, Sketch Mode, New Plane Button, The Sketch Mode GUI, Planes and Sketches, Plane Transforms, Sketching Tools, Sketching - Basic Shapes, Sketch Details, Sketch Constraints, Sketch Dimensions, Sketch Display, Dimension Editing, Modifying Sketches, Sketch Instance, Sketch Projection, Geometry Interfaces, Attaching to a CAD Session, Importing CAD Files, Positioning Imports, Import Units
Day9 Advanced Solid Modeling
Modifying 3D Geometry, 3D Curve Feature, Planar Bodies, Boolean Operations, Named Selection Base Objects, Pattern Feature, Advanced Features, Advanced Tools, Body Operations, Mid Surface Extraction, Concept Modeling, Creating Line Bodies, Modifying Line Bodies, Cross Sections, Cross Section Alignment, Cross Section Offset, Surfaces From Lines, Surfaces From Sketches, Suface Patch, Edge Joints,
Day10 Meshing Application
Introduction to Workbench, Meshing Application Overview, Meshing Methods for 3D Geometries, Common Meshing Application Controls, Tetrahedral Meshing, Sweep Meshing, Multizone Meshing, Meshing 2D Geometries, Mesh Quality, Sweep Approaches for Hexahedral Meshing, Sweeping Terminology, Challenges with Sweeping, Comparing Workbench Sweep Methods, Sweep Meshing Approach
Day11 Mechanical Basics
Launching Mechanical, Mechanical Application Wizard, Basic Procedure, Engineering Data, ANSYS Mechanical Basics, General Preprocessing,Static Structural Analysis, Geometry, Assemblies – Solid Body Contact, Analysis Settings , Loads and Supports, Linear Structural Analysis, Results and Postprocessing, Thermal Analysis, Geometry, Assemblies , Solid Body Contact, Heat Loads, Solution Options, Results and Postprocessing, Workshop – Steady State Thermal Analysis
Day12 Introduction to Dynamics
Definition & Purpose, Types of Dynamic Analysis, Basic Concepts and Terminology, Random Vibration Analysis, Definition & Purpose , Workshop – Flywheel
Day13 Modal Analysis & Harmonic Analysis
Definition & Purpose, Types of Dynamic Analysis, Basic Concepts and Terminology, Random Vibration Analysis
Day14 Introduction to CFX and FLUENT
Introduction to CFD, Overview, basic steps, Mouse functionality, Materials Assignment, Boundary conditions, wall Boundaries, Cell Zone conditions, Solver settings, Heat Transfer , Energy Equation, Wall Boundary Condition,

Ansys FLUENT Post Processing Introduction, General Setting, Creating Isosurface, Creating Results Contours, Displaying Velocity Vectors, Creating Animation, Displaying Pathlines,
Day15 Explicit Dynamics
Introduction to Workbench , Engineering Data , Explicit Dynamics Basics, Taylor Test (Cylinder Impact), Results Processing, Processing results of Taylor Test, Explicit Meshing,Workshop: Can Crush, Body Interactions, Analysis Settings Workshop : Oblique projectile impact with erosion