The college’s very own literary committee is continuing forward the decade old legacy of fanning the embers and enkindling the flames to emblazon the love for literary flavors in the heart of literary zealots. Innovation, efficiency and a meticulous attitude act as a fuel that propel us forward to scale greater heights and to prepare the future professionals of MIET for the cut throat competition out there. Because Odyssey believes that the journey to perfection is a long one. Don’t make it an arduous one, make it worthwhile.

List Of Committee Members:


I Year II Year III Year IV Year
Ishan Gaba Arnav Sharma Ashutosh Asthana Alok Kumar Singh
Dushyant Kumar Himanshu Raj Zesshan Khan Prateek Tiwari
Mohit Kumar Pranjal Jaiswal Shashank Tripathi Shikhar Tripathi
Umang Kumar Shivam Gupta Abhishek Gupta Parth Shankar
Durgesh Yadav Shikhar Singh Priyank Maheswari Utsav
Gautam Mishra Shivam Shukla - -


Events in Year 2015-16


  1. Decibel
  2. Broadway
  3. On Air with Odyssey
  4. Vocalize Your Thoughts
  5. Checkmate the Senate
  6. Kaizen-
    1. Vaad Vivaad
    2. GD
    3. Double Dutch