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Webinar and exclusive session for SAP University Alliances partners across Asia Pacific Japan

Dated: 21-July-2020

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  1. Webinar on Machine learning with SAP Analytics Cloud:

Date: Thursday 23rd July 2020 | 03:30 to 05:30 pm (AEST) | 2-hour session.  

Speaker: Vriddhi Shetty, Advanced Analytics & Data Science Specialist, SAP.

Data science is often viewed as erudite with its focus on statistics & number crunching. As data scientists ourselves, we seek to bust this myth & prove that data science today is easily available to anybody who seeks answers. In this session, we deconstruct how machines approach problems and apply these learnings to predict “Who will survive the Titanic”. This content is suited to beginners in data science, anybody who has worked with data or simply, anybody with curiosity for how machines learn. No prior knowledge of data science is required. All you need is curiosity, a laptop & an internet connection!

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Important note: Attendees who would like to participate in the hands-on session are requested to provide an email address beforehand that we will use to set up access to SAP Analytics Cloud


Date: Friday 7th August 2020 | 4:00 to 04:45 pm (AEST) | 45 Minutes session.

Speakers: Christian Klein, CEO, SAP SE, Scott Russell, President, SAP APJ.

We are living through historic times, and today organizations and individuals face extraordinary challenges. The crisis has prompted different responses and approaches from governments, businesses, and individuals around the world. What has become clear is, how we react and lead during challenging times truly matters. The next generation of leaders will need to prepare for this new future, and it is paramount to understand how to do this, both personally and professionally. The recent global crisis is not the first we face and will not be the last. The real challenge, but also an opportunity, lies in how we can constantly learn and grow in the face of adversity, to ensure we make a positive impact on and contribution to people, business and society.

In this exclusive session with Christian Klein, CEO of SAP SE, and Scott Russell, President of SAP Asia Pacific Japan, we will learn, through their experience and actions, how to embrace such challenges and turn them into opportunities to better position ourselves as purpose-driven leaders in the new world. We will also hear how Christian built his career at SAP, from his journey as a student to running a global technology company as the CEO of SAP.

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