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Summer Training on .NET 4.0 (Development of Console and Web Application)

About Program : This training provides practical hands-on introduction to develop web applications using ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2010 and make students able To understand C#, ASP. NET, and SQL Server.To develop web application using ASP.NET.To develop database application using ADO.NET.Use AJAX to implement web features.

After attending this summer training students have understanding of ASP.NET design and code. Students are able to analyze ASP.NET functionalities required during web development. Implement client application using ASP.NET AJAX.

Prerequisite : Fundamentals of programming is enough.

Eligible Branches CSE/IT/EC
Program time Just after End Semester Examinations (Winter & Summers)
Duration 2nd/3rd
Open to outside students Yes
Courseware Yes (softcopy)
Evaluation if Any Class test
Trainers Internal
Certificate Internal
Course Coordinators Mr. Abhishek Kumar ( +91-8871371428)


Program Schedule (day wise)


Day 9.30AM – 12.00 PM BREAK 1.30 PM – 4.00 PM
Day 1 Overview of .NET Framework 4.0 What is Microsoft .Net Framework? Common Language Runtime (CLR) Common Type System (CTS) Common Language Specification .Net Framework Class Library Microsoft Intermediate Language Just In Time Compiler (JIT) Contents of an Assembly .Net Namespaces Basics of HTML C# Fundamentals C# Introduction Reading and Writing to a Console Comments in C# Built-in Types String Types in C # Common Operators in C # Datatypes Conversion Arrays in C #
Day-2 Control Flow Statements If statement in C # Switch Statement in C # while loop, do while loop, for loop and foreach loops in C # Methods in C# Method Parameters Namespaces Introduction to Classes Static and Instance Class Members ASP.NET Fundamentals What is Asp.Net? ViewState in Asp.Net Events in the Lifecycle of Web application Asp.Net Page Life Cycle Events Asp.Net Server Control Events Is Postback in Asp.Net Internet Information Services (IIS) ASP.NET Web Server Controls TextBox Control, Label Control HyperLink Control, Button Control, RadioButton, RadioButtonList Control,ListBox Control, CheckBox Control,Image Control, Calendar Control and FileUpload Control, DropDownList Control.
Day-3 Inheritance in C# Method Hiding in C# Data Bind in Asp.Net Data Bind Asp.Net Dropdownlist with Data from Database Retrieving Selected Item text Value and Index of an Asp.Net DropDownList HiddenField in Asp.Net Asp.Net Calendar Control Properties and Events MultiView Control in Asp.Net Wizard Control Asp.Net Wizard Control Properties Asp.Net Wizard Control Events Asp.Net Wizard Control Templates
Day-4 Polymorphism in C# Method Overloading in C# Properties in C# Asp.Net Validation RequiredField Validator Control RangeValidator Control CompareValidator Control RegularExpression Validator Control CustomValidator Control ValidationSummary Control Page Navigation Techniques in Asp.Net Response Redirect Server Transfer Server Execute
Day-5 Structs in C # Interfaces in C# Delegates in C# Send Data from One Webform to Another Cookies in Asp.Net Check Cookies are Enabled or Disabled
Day-6 Session State in Asp.Net Cookie Less Sessions in Asp.Net StateServer Asp.Net Session SQL Server Asp.Net Session Exception Handling in Asp.Net Error Events in Asp.Net Customizing Asp.Net Exception Logging
Day-7 Exception Handling in C# Inner Exceptions in C# Custom Exceptions in C# Sending Emails using Asp.Net Tracing in Asp.Net Writing Custom Asp.Net Tracing Messages Tracing Examples
Day-8 Enums in C# Why Enums Enums Examples Access Modifiers in C# Internal and Protected Internal Access Modifiers Authentication in Asp.Net Anonymous Authentication in Asp.Net Windows Authentication in Asp.Net Windows Authentication and Authorization in Asp.Net
Day-9 Authentication using web.config Authentication using User Registration Locking/Unlocking Users Accounts ADO.NET What is Ado.Net? SqlConnection in Asp.Net ConnectionStrings in web.config Configuration File SqlCommand in Ado.Net (Insert, Update,Delete)
Day-10 ADO.NET Calling Stored Procedure SQL Data Reader in Ado.Net SQL Data Adapter in Ado.Net DataSet in Asp.Net Caching DataSet in Asp.Net Disconnected Data Access in Asp.Net
Day-11 SQL Server Connecting to SQL Server using SSMS Creating, Altering and Dropping a Database Creating and Working with Tables Adding a Default Constraint Adding a Check Constraint Identify Column in SQL Server SQL Server Unique Key Constraints Select Statement in SQL Server Group by in SQL Server Joins in SQL Server Stored Procedures in SQL Server and its Advantages Scalar User Defined Function in SQL Server Multi-Statement Table Valued Function in SQL
Day-12 AJAX What is Ajax? Why we use it? Ajax Parent Control Extender Controls and NonExtender Controls AJAX Implementation of Extender Controls
Day-13 AJAX Implementation of Extender Controls AJAX Implementation of Non-Extender Controls
Day-14 Web Service What is Web Service When we will go for web service? Basic introduction of WSDL and SOAP. Steps to Implement Web Service using .Net Creating Web Service
Day-15 Creating Web Service Creating Web Service
Day-16 Windows Form using C # Windows Form using C #
Day-17 to Day-20 Project Project