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Matlab Course

One Week Quick Learn (QL) Programme on MATLAB

About Program: Aim of this program is to familiarize the students with MATLAB software covering various aspect such as MATLAB Desktop, basic commands through the Command window, output through the Graph window, matrix operations, signals, use of "if condition", for loop and while loop, implementation of functions , solving algebraic and differential equations, transform and simulink. At the end of the program students would be able to work on MATLAB, do calculations, print out graphs, solve algebraic and differential equations, calculate Laplace and Fourier transform etc.

Prerequisite Basic knowledge of mathematics.
Eligible Branches Any Branch
Eligible Students (Year) I/II/III Year
Program time Winter & Summer
Duration One Week
Open to outside students No
Courseware Yes
Evaluation if Any Yes
Trainers Internal
Certificate Internal
Course Coordinators Mr. A.K. Ahuja, Assoc. Prof. (ECE) ,9012228855
Mr. Praveen Chakravarti, Asst. Prof (ECE), 8909311554

Program Schedule (day wise)

Day Technical Session I:
9:30 to 11:00 AM
Technical Session II:
11:15 AM to 12:45 PM
12:45 to 2:00PM
2:00 PM to 4:00PM
Day 1 Evolution of MATLAB Differences between MATLAB and C/C++
Benefits it offer, relevance in Research Organizations/Academics/Industry
Jobs Prospects
MATLAB as on Today
Overview of different toolboxes Different windows in MATLAB and their utilities
Latest MATLAB Toolboxes
Working with MATLAB
- Entering Matrix (Various examples and hand on problem solving )
Day 2 Matrix operations (Hand on examples)
Different operators (Hands on examples )
Expression (Hand on example)
Variables (Hands on examples)
Numbers and Number classes
- Which number format to choose form?
Day 3 Different MATLAB functions Plot/subplot functions
Generating and Working with MATRIX
Load Function /Import Wizard
M- Files
Generation and plotting different standard test-signals (sine, cosine, square, triangular, saw tooth and impulse etc test signal) in continues and discrete domain - Adding noise and plotting of noise and noisy signals.
Day 4 Laplace Transformation (hands on examples)
Integration (hands on examples)
Differentiation (hands on examples)
Convolution (hands on examples) - Solution of differential Equations using MATLAB (hands on examples)
Day 5 Simulink
Introduction to different block sets
Problem Solving using Simulink (hands on examples) - Assignment