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"One Week Quick Learn Programme on MATLAB"

Day wise course schedule:

Day 1:
Evolution of MATLAB
Differences between MATLAB and C/C++
Benefits it offer, relevance in Research Organizations/Academics/Industry
Jobs Prospects
MATLAB as on Today
Overview of different toolboxes
Different windows in MATLAB and their utilities
Latest MATLAB Toolboxes
Working with MATLAB
Entering Matrix (Various examples and hand on problem solving )
Home Assignment

Day 2:
Matrix operations (Hand on examples)
Different operators (Hands on examples )
Expression (Hand on example)
Variables (Hands on examples)
Numbers and Number classes
Which number format to choose form?
Home Assignment

Day 3:
Different MATLAB functions
Plot/subplot functions
Generating and Working with MATRIX
Load Function /Import Wizard
M- Files
Generation and plotting different standard test-signals (sine, cosine, square, triangular, sawtooth and impulse etc test signal)
Adding noise and plotting of noise and noisy signals.
Home Assignment

Laplace Transformation (hands on examples)
Integration (hands on examples)
Differentiation (hands on examples)
Convolution (hands on examples)
Solution of differential Equations using MATLAB (hands on examples)
Home Assignment

Introduction to different blocksets
Problem Solving using Simulink (hands on examples)
Home Assignment

Revision of Day-1 to Day-5
Competition/ Test based on topics covered from Day-1 to Day-5