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About Program The students will be able to gain the knowledge of
• basic manufacturing processes
• conventional and advanced manufacturing processes
Prerequisite Knowledge of Workshop practice
Eligible Branches 2nd Year (Non CSE/IT)) & 3rd Year (Non CSE/IT)
Eligible Students (Year): Same as Above
Program time Just after End Semester Examinations (Winter & Summers)
Duration Ten days
Open to outside students No
Courseware No
Evaluation if Any Yes (on the basis of final objective exam after the workshop)
Trainers Internal
Certificate Internal
Course Coordinators Mr. Nikhil Yadav(nikhil.yadav@miet.ac.in)
Mr. Rajesh Kumar (rajesh.kumar@miet.ac.in)


Day 10.00 am to 1.00 pm BREAK 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm
Day 1 Introuction to casting technology, mechanism of solidification, technology of pattern making, testing of moulding sand, sand preparation and reclamation Technology of mould making and core making, moulding process
Day 2 Gating design and analysis, riser design special casting process and technology of melting
Day 3 Fettling, casting defects and their diagnostics LAB WORK
Day 4 Introduction to Manufacturing and Machining, Basic working principle, configuration, specification and classification of machine tools Mechanics of Machining (Metal Cutting)
Day 5 Machinability, Advanced Cutting Tool Materials, Lathes machine tool Shaper and Planar
Day 6 Drilling and milling machines LAB WORK
Day 7 Presses and their classifications, die and punch assembly and press work methods and processes, cutting/ punching mechanism, clearance, compound vs progressive die operations and tools used in sheet metal working, importance of shear on punch and load capacity
Day 8 Analysis of forming process like cup/ deep drawing, bending and spring back LAB WORK
Day 9 Introduction to welding and other allied processes, gas welding, gas cutting, arc welding and its various types Resistance welding and its types
Day 10 MIG and TIG welding processes, Brazing and soldering, various unconventional welding processes and welding defects as well as remedies LAB WORK