The Lineup Artists-Headliners


It is the final time, the final moment to lose yourself and to forget everything. It’s time to put on your party shoes because here, you need to dance first and think later. This is the night to dance your heart out, till the last beat stops. This time again a very special Bollywood star is here to entertain you. The star of kolaahal’19 is: Monali Thakur

Sonalika Sahay

The Rampage, a fashion show which is organized in a wide scale in the whole of Meerut. A night where fashion will be an art and you will be the canvas. Dress how you want to be addressed. It is a podium to prove yourself different from others. The time when talent outshines in the most glitzy way. The bright lights, the flashy clothes, the raging music, the theatrical effects, the colour, the bliss and the whole runway scene is what many live for. Xtasy is that moment fashion enthusiasts live for. So presenting Xtasy- the Rampage SHOWSTOPPER - Sonalika Sahay

Kavi Sammelan

Well someone has truly said, laughter is God's own blessing. It will be the eve when the echo of 400-450 peoples’ laughter will surround the college and all their pains will go in vain. All fanatics of poetry gathered together, living to laugh, laughing to live and enjoying every bit of the event. Kavi Sammelan, the show stopper of the day where renowned poets from around the country will come to perform, making everyone burst into tears of laughter.