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Web Development Using HTML/DHTML

About Program :The aim of this training program is to provide the students the best and professional training of HTML and DHTML. This program provides the comprehensive and extensive knowledge in HTML/DHTML. After the completion of the course, the students will be able to develop Students can design a dynamic website with better designing techniques and effects.

Prerequisite : Students should have the basic knowledge of websites and web surfing over Internet.

Eligible Branches: 2 MCA, B.Tech (CS/IT)
Eligible Students (Year): 1 st Year
Program time:Just after End Semester Examinations (Winter & Summers)
Duration: 10 Days
Open to outside students: Yes
Courseware: No
Evaluation if Any: No
Trainers: Internal
Certificate: Internal
Course Coordinators: Mr. Amit Garg / Mr. Mragank Singhal


Program Schedule (day wise)

Day 9.30AM – 12.00 PM BREAK 1.30 PM – 4.00 PM
Day 1 Web Tech: Introduction, How does a website work, Client and Server scripting and languages, Difference between Web Designer and Web Developer, Types of websites, Web Standards
HTML: Markup language, Structure of HTML, Head and Elements of Head section, Basic Tags
Lab Session System
Day-2 HTML Elements, HTML Attributes, Formatting Tags, HTML Phrase Tags, HTML Comments, HTML Meta Tags, Anchor Tags, Images, Image Links Lab Session
Day-3 Tables, Lists, Email Links, Frames, Iframes, HTML Blocks, DIV and SPAN Tags, HTML Backgrounds, Colors, HTML Forms, Form Elements (Controls, Textbox, Password Box, Checkbox, Text Area, Radio Button, Select Control, File Upload, Button, Hidden Form Controls) Lab Session
Day-4 Embed Multimedia, Audio and Video, Marquee. Overview of HTML5, Syntax, Atrributes, Events, Web Forms Lab Session
Day-5 CSS: Introduction to CSS, Types of Stylesheets, Types of CSS Selectors, Universal Selector, Type Selector, Class Selector, ID Selector, Child Selector, Adjacent Selector Lab Session
Day-6 CSS Properties: Type Property, Text Properties, Border Properties, Positioning Properties, Using CSS for real time practical work, Designing Text style, Defining the background styles, Designing a menu system, Custom Form Designing Lab Session
Day-7 CSS 3.0: Introduction, New CSS 3 Properties, CSS Rounded covers, Border Image, Border shadow, CSS Background Properties, Text Shadow Properties, Using CSS3 in practical layout Lab Session
Day-8 JavaScript: Overview, Syntax, Enabling JavaScript, Placement, Variables, Operators, If-else, switch-case, Loops, Functions Lab Session
Day-9 Functions, Events (onclick, onsubmit, onmouseover, onmouseout, etc), HTML5 standard events Lab Session
Day-10 Arrays, Working with Arrays, JS Objects, Using Javascript in real time, validation of form elements (Textbox, Checkbox, Radio button, etc) Lab Session
Day-11 Using Date in JavaScript, Using Math object in JavaScript, String Handling Lab Session
Day-12 Dreamweaver: Introduction to Dreamweaver, Interface basics, Creating a site for standard project, Standard toolbar, Link, Table, DIV, Image, Video Lab Session
Day-13 Project Work: Implementation of the contents covered Lab Session
Day-14 Photoshop/Bootstrap: Introduction to Photoshop, Working with different tools and interfaces. Introduction to Bootstrap, Designing responsive websites Lab Session
Day-15 Photoshop/Bootstrap: Practical Work Lab Session