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Summer Training On Automotive Technologies

About The Program: “Hands On Training in Automotive Technologies in Joint Collaboration with BOSCH” is a training program for for third year ME students ,in which all recent development in automobiles will be covered, thus giving both theoretical and hands on practical knowledge to students.

Details of Training Program:

Eligibility III Year ME Students
Duration 4 Week (06 Hrs/Day)
Program time Just after End Semester Examinations (Winter & Summers)
Timings 09.00 am to 4.00 pm
Open to outside students Yes / No
Courseware Study Material, gloves and overall (DANGRI) will be provided
Evaluation if Any Yes
Trainers III Year ME Students
Eligibility Internal (MIET) & External (Automobile Training Academy, Greater Noida and BOSCH India Ltd.)
Certificate BOSCH & MIET
Eligibility III Year ME Students
No. of seats 50
BATCH SIZE 25 Students maximum per batch .
Venue BOSCH- MIET Joint Certification Center, Bhabha Block, MIET, MEERUT
Contact Persons Astt. Professor Ankur Verma on 9808760230 , ankur.verma@miet.ac.in
Astt. Professor Mustafa Saify on 9368646450 , mustufa.saify@miet.ac.in.


1 Tool box meet Introduction and handling of various hand tools and power tools with their application , safety and maintenance 1 day/6hrs
2 Automotive Engines and Handling(4-stroke Petrol) Introduction, construction and overhauling procedure of multi-cylinder petrol engines.
Inspection of various parts of an engine.
Imparting knowledge of trouble shooting and diagnostics.
4 days/24 hrs
3 Basic Course on Diesel Fuel Injection System Introduction to diesel engines, Fuel injection systems
Calibration and testing of fuel injectors
Assembly/Disassembly of fuel pumps
4 Under-carriage Training Introduction to various parts such as Suspension, steering and exhaust system of vehicle.
Overhauling and inspection of all the parts present under -carriage
5 Automotive Electrical and Electronics Introduction to various electrical components such as battery, alternator, starter motor etc. Assembly, disassembly, inspection and testing of starter motors and alternators.
Introduction Of ECM and various sensors and actuators present in recent automobiles.
6 Engine Fault Diagnosis Diagnosis and remedy of various error codes in a vehicle using ECU scanner. 1day/6hrs
7 Automotive Air Conditioning Introduction of HVAC system of a vehicle.
Assembly, disassembly and servicing of car air-conditioning system.
8 Research and development Effects of compression ratio on performance parameters of diesel engine. Recent technologies in automobile sector.
Various alternative fuels used in vehicle
2days/12 hrs
9 Tire Care Introduction to the camber, caster, toe-in and toe-out and their effect on tires of vehicle. 2days/12hrs
10 Automotive Pollution and its reduction techniques Briefing about various pollution norms , various pollutants and their control measures. 1day