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1 Automotive Engines and Handling(4-stroke Petrol) 1. Introduction, construction and overhauling procedure of multi-cylinder petrol engines.
2. Inspection of various parts of an engine.
3. Imparting knowledge of trouble shooting and diagnostics.
2 Basic Course on Diesel Fuel Injection System 1. Introduction to diesel engines, Fuel injection systems
2. Calibration and testing of fuel injectors
3. Assembly/Disassembly of fuel pumps
3 Under-carriage Training 1. Introduction to various parts such as Suspension, steering and exhaust system of vehicle.
2. Overhauling and inspection of all the parts present under -carriage
5 Automotive Electrical 1. Introduction to various electrical components such as battery, alternator, starter motor etc.

Course Outcome

The objective of this course is to teach students all Multimedia Contents and Disney Principle, so they are able to develop and deploy the animated Feature using imation tools, which are in the great demand today. The other main objective of this program is to teach students for better analysis and planning capability, Use of Latest technology and Improved Efficiency.Information integration for better decision making and Faster response to generate Corporate images. "