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Hosted by MIET, Mobicom is a competitive platform to present ideas, develop mobile apps and win exciting cash prizes.
Round 1 Results
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Why should you participate?

Present your mobile app idea
Design, develop and test your mobile app
loyalty Rs. 5000   loyalty Rs. 3000
loyalty Rs. 2000
Present and win cash prizes


Closed on Nov. 10, 2017
Round 1
Idea presentation
Concluded on Nov 10, 2017
Round 2
Mobile app presentation
March 17, 2018


All registrations are now closed!

Code of Conduct

Rules for Round 2
  1. Selected teams will develop and present their mobile applications
  2. Selected teams will also have to present source code of their application. Teams will have to explain working of their application on basis of their source code.
  3. Selected teams will have to present live demo of their application and its functionalities.
  4. All teams
    1. will be allotted 15 minutes to present their app
    2. are allowed to use any platform to develop their apps
    3. should bring their own mobile devices and accessories to showcase their applications. Projector and Laptop will be provided with an option to broadcast mobile's display feed to Projector.
  5. Winner will be selected on the basis of originality & practicality of idea and usability of presented mobile app
Content Restrictions
The submitted ideas and/or mobile apps must not contain
  1. Nudity, lewd or vulgar behaviour.
  2. Material that violates or infringes another’s rights, including but not limited to privacy.
  3. Publicity or intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyright patent.
  4. Trademark, trade secret infringement or another proprietary right of any party.
  5. Brand names or trademarks.
  6. Material that is hateful, tortuous, defamatory, slanderous or libellous.
  7. Gambling application or sites.
  8. Material that includes content that is deemed inappropriate, indecent, obscene or otherwise does not comply with the Content Restrictions, as determined by Contest Administrator in its sole disc.

Behind the scene

Dr. Mukesh Rawat
Head of Department
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Prof. Pradeep Pant
Professor Incharge (CSE/IT)
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Dr. Ajay Kumar
Dean of Student Welfare
Head of Department, MBA
Rahul Verma
Technical Head
LinkedIn | +91-8449903130
Shivam Agarwal
Technical Head
LinkedIn | +91-8791603778
Samriddhi Singh
Ashutosh Gangwar
Web development, Committee
LinkedIn | +91-9456068867
Shagun Malik
LinkedIn | +91-7830134358
Nishant Sharma
Prachi Sharma
Ravi Soni
Riya Deshwal
Tushit Agarwal

Have a question?

Frequently asked questions

Is there a fee charged for participating in Mobicom 2017? Yes, there is a registration fee of Rs. 100 per team. Registration fee is not applicable if the team is from MIET/MIT, Meerut.
Who can participate in Mobicom 2017? Anyone with an idea for a mobile app is eligible for participating in Mobicom 2017.
Where can I apply? Here!
How many ideas can a single team submit? Any team can submit upto maximum of 3 ideas and each participating team is required to submit atleast 1 idea.
What information should we include at time of submitting the idea? Submitted idea should be an original work of team and/or its members.
  • You must mention the problem domain solved by your idea.
  • Include goals and functions that your mobile app will perform.
  • Mention your target audience; who will be using your mobile app once its deployed for the masses.
  • Make sure if the idea you are submitting can be transformed into a robust mobile app in the given timeframe.
Which mobile OSs are we free to target for our mobile apps? You are free to target any platform of your choice, be it iOS, Windows Phone or Android. Mobicom has no restrictions on platforms, however, you are required to make mobile apps. Presenting any other kind of software program will lead to disqualification of team.
What is the judging process in Mobicom 2017? In Mobicom 2017, your idea will be judged on the basis of practicality & originality, and your mobile app will be judged on the basis of its usability and quality.
How can I submit more than one ideas? The idea presentation process is same for all ideas. If your team has more than one idea, please make sure you submit all of your ideas under the same team name along with the same team members.
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Selected Teams (Round 1)

  • Anonymous (Idea 1)
  • Encoder (MIET Mobo)
  • Anonymous (Idea2)
  • Team A
  • The Koder
  • Athena
  • Oyster
  • The Thinkers
  • EduHub
  • Rootsapp
  • Redenzuvous
  • Code Warrior + ( City Tour)
  • Team Blue
  • TechArdent
  • It’s One
  • Saif
  • Tech Fire
  • Code Warrior + (Coder Go)
  • Initiator
  • Encoder (Helper Hand)
  • Himanshu And Jivesh
  • Isha
  • Seekers
  • Code Warrior