RESULTS - Rangotsav 2016

A thing of beauty is a joy forever, wonderfully said by John Keats and beautifully brought to life by Graphite Art Land, the art society of MIET. As a child we used to play with colors and got ourselves all muddled up in them, Rangotsava makes us to relive those nostalgic memories by providing fun in art and thus providing an all new dimension to it. Stretching from the finesse artworks of budding artists to simplistic stick figures of men Rangotsava is a complete package. And then there’s Chitrayatra , their art gallery which follows it up and if allowed to brag, houses some of the finest artworks of today’s era made by the awesomely talented artists of Graphite Art Land. So come and immerse yourself in this exuberant fest of colors. Come one and all to Rangotsava!!