Training Details

15-12-2016 Training on Herbal Drug Technology

Title of the Training Program:Training on Herbal Drug Technology

About Program:The aim of this course work is to strengthen practical aspects of herbal technology. After undergoing this training program students will learn how to standardize unknown herbal drugs.

Eligible Branches: B. Pharm.
Eligible Students (Year): II nd year (III rd semester)
Program time: December 26-31, 2016.
Duration: One Week
Open to outside students: No
Evaluation if Any:Yes, after the completion of training program the students have to submit the project report on the training program.

No. of students attended the training program:: 21
Trainers: Internal
Certificate: Internal
Course Coordinators:Dr. Samiksha Kaul, Phone no. 9456483093 Mr. Prem Shankar Mishra, Phone no. 8439001314, 7376488272

Program Schedule (day wise):

Day Course Content
Day-1 Cultivation, collection and identification of crude drugs.
Day-2 Extraction of crude drugs.
Day-3 Phytochemical screening.
Day-4 Isolation methods of herbal drugs.
Day-5 Isolation methods of herbal drugs.
Day-6 Evaluation by means of hands-on practice on herbal compounds.