Training Details

12-05-2016 Summer Training (Dept. of CSE, IT, MCA)


This is regarding the students who are interested in the training programme going to be conducted in the MIET campus in this summer season. The tentative starting date of this programme will be after two days from End Semester University Exam. All students who are interested to attend it may submit the prescribed course fee to the concerned person. The numbers of students in each course are limited so you are requested to confirm your registration by submitting the fee latest by 30-April-2016


S.No. Name of Program Size Duration(days/hrs) Total Hours Contact Person Cost Certificate Course Outcome
1 C Programming & Data Structure 40 12/6.0 72 CSE:-Mr. Rohit Aggarwal (M-416) Mob:9997798468
IT:- Mr. Pankaj Rana (M-414) Mob:9837047015
1000 Rs. MIET Database Projects Using File Structure
2 Web Development Using HTML/DHTML 30 15/6.0 90 1500 Rs. MIET Website Development using HTML
3 Core + Advance Java 30 20/6.0 120 1000 + 1000 Rs. MIET Console & Web Based Applications
4 Multi-Media 30 8/6.0 48 600 Rs. MIET Animation Based Projects
5 .NET 30 15/6.0 90 1500 Rs. MIET Window Based Projects
6 Wipro UTLP 51 15 / 6.0 90 2000 Rs. MIET UTLP Projects
7 Big Data 40 24/4.0 96 4500 Rs. IBM Projects
8 Android 30 18/4.0 72 4000 Rs. (Max) RCPL (HP) Mobile App


  1. External students are allowed in any course but His/Her course fee will be 1.5 times the above mentioned fee.
  2. You can see the details of each course on our college website : www.miet.ac.in

Prof. Pradeep Pant
Head CS/IT